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  • Rhonda Connelly

What is Kinesiology?

Energy is all around us , within us, and thus the sum of us. Kinesiology is the tool in which we use to reset, rediscover and realign ourselves with the person we are meant to be.Blockages in our energy systems affect the way in which we perceive the world. Our direction in life is determined by the way in which we think. What we think , we create!!!!. What is the picture that you are creating for your future is it more of the same? Or is it one of wonder, excitement and forward thinking. Think about what the child inside us is speaking. Are they encouraging or discouraging? Start by treating yourself with respect, encouragement and praise and see what the picture of your life begins to transform into!!!!!!!!!!

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About Rhonda from Guiding Touch Kinesiology

Rhonda, the Founder and CEO has been practicing for the past 6 years at her own Practice, Guiding Touch Kinesiology. She is a sole practitioner and is currently a member of the Australian Traditional


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